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Test Description and Instructions:
  • The 75 items in this examination were created by AAVSB subject matter experts and have been permanently retired from use on actual Veterinary Technician National examinations.
  • Items are presented in random order within a single examination session. If your session is interrupted, you will be able to re-start to complete it, picking up at the point of interruption.
  • Answer all questions.
  • There is one and only one best answer for each item.
  • The practice examination must be completed in the time allotted. The examination cannot be paused for any reason.
  • Your Pass/Fail score for this examination is based on your total score across all domains. The percentage scores for individual domains are presented only to help you identify areas of strength and weakness when preparing for the actual examination.
  • Your final score on this practice examination will not necessarily predict your performance on the actual examination. Use your score and the feedback information to prepare for the actual examination.
  • All items in this examination are copyrighted by AAVSB.
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